My name is Wouter and I’m from the Netherlands. I have a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence. But more than that, I have a passion for innovative ideas and inventive solutions. Innovation and optimization are in my blood. Programming is my way of developing new concepts.

After graduation, I started working for the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory NLR. My main task was to develop complex graphical interfaces for certified aircraft design calculation tools. Then I went abroad for some years, but never forgot about my passion for new concepts. In my spare time for instance, I kept working on several new game concepts.

And now I’m working as a freelance software engineer, with a special interest for making new concepts come alive. I prefer to work with Java. Other languages I’ve been working with are C++, Matlab, and Python. Proper software design is important to me as well as following best practices.

See what I worked on so far or read about ideation practices that I found valuable.